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Hours on an Outboard

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Is there a way to tell how many hours are on an Outboard, if the previous owners didnt keep detailed maintenance records?

My boat has a 1998 Yamaha Vmax on it. Since my uncle owned it previous to me, and he is a mechanic, he did most of the maintenance on the engine himself, and didnt really keep any records of this. I took it to Ronnie's back in June and told him, they did a 200hr service on it.

Do the motors have any indicator on them as to the ammount of hours? IF not, what would be a general best guess on a 10 year old motor that maybe gets used twice a month on average.
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Most of the newer outboards store hour usage in the computer...so many hours between 1,000-2,000 rpms, so many hours between 2,000-3,000 rpms, etc. If your uncle is an outboard mechanic, he should know if the computer will show it when hooked up...more than likely if it is EFI versus carb. it will have the info.
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