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Snipping the center out of the stats will cause the heads to warp because the variations in temp through the heads expecialy in the winter months. Replace the stats and water pump impeller and change the popet valve. Those 3 things are the only things that will cause high temp. Blo air through all the hoses to check for obstruction. The stasts are rated at 140 degrees and normal operating temp is anywere from 170 to 200 overtemp alarm is set 220. And that is hot my friend.On the impeller the vaines need to be in a certan direction and this can be done by turning the shaft clockwise wile pushing down on the waterpump cover with the impeller in place on the shaft. You also need to put a bead of silicone between the exhaust chamber and the pump passage before you put the lowerunit back on. that will also cause temp to rise because it will draw water from the exhaust chamber.

hope this helps.
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