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Hot Air Balloons at NASA JSC

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Just wanted to pass the info onto you folks who don't live in this area. There is an annual hot air balloon festival here every year. Awesome time for those who've never seen it. I've attached a link for info. There were a bunch of them in the air this morning. The night glow is the coolest thing that I've seen here. I've attached a pic of that.



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I tried to get some pictures this morning, but they didn't get close enough. Last year they were everywhere. One of them even landed right next the building I work in. If I didn't already have plans to be fishing tonight, I would think about checking out the night glow. That looks pretty dang cool.
From what everyone here at work has told me, yes, there should be a lift off Saturday morning. That should be the balloon competition. It also appears that there will be another balloon launch at 6:15 Saturday evening and Sunday morning at 7:00. The schedule also looks to include another balloon glow on Saturday night. It says it is a UFO Invasion Balloon Glow (Special Shapes). Sounds interesting.
1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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