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Hot Air Balloons at NASA JSC

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Just wanted to pass the info onto you folks who don't live in this area. There is an annual hot air balloon festival here every year. Awesome time for those who've never seen it. I've attached a link for info. There were a bunch of them in the air this morning. The night glow is the coolest thing that I've seen here. I've attached a pic of that.



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Lift Off

Will there be a lift off in the Sat. morning? Looking at the schedule, is that the "Shuttle Rendezvous Ballon Competition"? If the wind direction is right they'll go over the water in Clear Lake. Pretty awsome if they can get to the water. We always launch under the Kemah Bridge and go out into the lake to watch. The kids will love it.
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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