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I have good leaders for fishing out of my kayak and 5-6' foot total including a 1' section of steel. But, my question is when yall hook a shark are yall just cutting the hooks off and loosing a $2 hook (20/0 Mustad I asume) or trying to get them out. If yall are cutting them which I am fairly certain is what happens. Where is the cheapest place to get them? Been getting mine in Winnie.

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remove them

I always removed mine.

Usually I make a littel cut to release the barb and they come out easily.

Unless I am using big baits, I use those 14/0's alot too.
I offset all my circles, but never opened them up.

Good luck.

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Da_Noob said:
I've heard you can put these in a vice and open the gap up @ 1/4 inch.
I do this as well. I also offset them when I open them up. Not a lot but just a little. Also don't forget to put a hook file to them. About 1 out of 8 have funky tips on them. Some points are real long and skinny and are actually bent over. You have to use pliers and straighten these and resharpen them. I have had a whole box of the 14/0's that all looked pretty good, and I have had a box of 25 hooks and there were a LOT of them that were jacked up. Just pay attention to them before you put them on a hook..

I found a place that has the 16/0 circles for .50 cents a piece and $1.50 for the 20/0's..( http://www.catfishsupplyco.com/store/detail.aspx?ID=87 ) You don't need a 20/0 to catch bigger sharks. A fella I now that has been catching sharks for a long time told me if you can slip your thumb(the thickest part below the only knuckle on your thumb)between the point and the shank you will have enough of an opening to get the hook into the corner of most sharks mouths and hook them just like a circle is supposed to do. I actually offset my 16/0's a tiny bit and sharpen most of them up as well. www.leadertec.com also has the 16/0 circles for about .70 cents a pop..Good luck..

Oh I almost forgot .. I saw the Mustad 15/0's at Cabelas in Buda tx and the were about $10 for a box of $25..Thats about .40 cents a piece.. Not bad and they are a tad bigger than the 14/0's..

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Cheap Everything

Hey Justin
I use a 2 foot steel leader the cheap stuff berkley 120 and a 3/0 long shank hook. It worked all last year out there in the gulf at night pretty big creatures
come out at night.So why waste your money on those to long of leader material and high dollar hooks 20/0 mustads.Sometimes I spend a little to much on my leaders and add 2 red beads for the weight.Sometimes I dont use steel at all just the hook on the end of the line with no weight.You can get a box of the Mega Rusters 3/0 longshank 50 to a box for 5.99.You know the ones that after you open the box the first fishing trip and the next time you go fishing they are rusted together. You've seen me fish!
Heh Heh Heh. Guess I will not catch a shark under 4 foot this year.
DAM THE BAD LUCK? One thing to look forward to
(TEAM HILTON and a SCUM BUM) Raw redfish tastes good does'nt it Justin?
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