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For starters ...Thanks go out to
Capt. Forest...


Mike Moye Taxidermist in Lumberton Texas (worth the drive)
Moye Taxidermist & Deer Processing
1112 N L H S Dr Lumberton TX 77657

These pictures are not the best so I'll get a ladder later in the week and get some from eye level...

Capt... a great friend . Wetdreams... amd Mike
Thanks, even momma says she likes the mount!!!!!


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Glad you liked your buck John, I'm feel pretty good that you took my word for my bro work. I told you rite off you mite find cheaper but you wouldnt find any better. I called him rite after we talked yesterday and he mentioned what you had said about him getting work out of Houston and his response was exactly what I told you. I can remember back in the 60s comming home from school and skining all the deer @ 1$ each to be processed the next day and it was usually between 15 n 20 each nite, I would get .50 to skin a head for a sh mount. My dad had to go out of buss because it got so big it was either that or give up his job at Mobil. In the mid 80s I worked for the RR and got cut off for 2 yrs, my bro n I talked my dad into going back into the Taxidermist and processing buss, once again we had ALL the work we could handle and it got to be more than we could handle. We would get in 600+ deer to process and ran 2 shifts to try and stay caught up with the processing. I mainly did all the fish and would get 200+- bass yearly, along with 250 game animals that my dad and bro would do. I left the buss in the late 90s for the same reason my dad had to quit as I now had 25yrs with the RR and NO time for myself. I did find out 1 thing if you love to hunt and fish this IS NOT the buss to get into. I have told several hunters that 'no it all' I have skint more deer than they have seen and was VERY serious. Thats just a little background of my bro's buss. Glad you n yours like your head and maybe next yr your son will have one to go with yours. All the best WW
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