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Average NHL salary

Average NHL salary is 1.8 million. Minimum salary is 185,000 at the NHL level. The elite players are in the 7-9 million per year range. To most of us, all pro athletes are overpaid, but to put in in perspective, the NFL minimum(for 1-3 year players) is under 225,000 for 16 games. NHL players play 82 regular season games, and up to 28 post season games. If you haven't watch a game in a while, the pro hockey game is a violent sport with huge athletes. Think of an NFL linebacker on skates, going 30mph with a wooden billy club. For those of us that are fans, the lockout sux; however, the end result with be a salary cap. This works out great for the fans, because the season ticket price will go down. I currently pay around 11K per year for 2 season tickets, and that doesn't include playoff games, which start at $175 per seat per game, and go up to $300 per seat per game for the finals. We've been told that ticket prices should go down up to 20% when the new CBA is complete.
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