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nasakid said:

I looked for you guys Sunday morning as we drove by the piers, but I didn't see ya. We were running a bit late getting out there, so we scurried down past the barracades a little over 2.5 miles and set up around 8AM. We were in a silver Durango 4x4 and a blue Nissan pickup with the kayak rack.

Did the Game Warden check you guys? He came by right after lunch on Sunday and went straight to my ice chest without saying a word. Then he asked for licences. Glad my out of state friends had their 1-day permits for $22 each. That would have been a hefty fine not having them.

I was glad to see the GW out there keeping people honest. I told him that I appreciated seeing him out there. The bull reds are a resource that needs to be protected.
We were still their. Me , my wife, Buckeye and his wife camped saturday night. I did sleep late, a little past 8am. Buckeye was up early and caught a few bull reds before I got up. I yaked fished for a few hours. Did not see any game wardens, but see them often. They have looked in my cooler before without asking. They have the right,but it is very rude. I know all of the wardens that work the area year around, they hate the fact that the cadets check coolers without asking. One will stop and talk to you while the other scurries over to look into your coolers. It is funny to watch them go through my bait cooler. After the fifth or sixth stingray they give up. Guess they do not like getting dirty.
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