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High Island tomorrow, anyone?

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Anyone planning on being at High Island tomorrow morning? Looks like I'll have the day off and if the weather looks good at 3:30am, I'll be heading that way to wet a few lines. Probably try to catch a few trout early then cast a few lines for sharks/reds. Would be cool if someone with a yak would be down there and I'll run your baits for you. Can also trade off some beers... No yak, doesn't matter. Its cool to just fish with someone to shoot the bull when the fish aren't biting. Post up if you are heading down.
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Hey Steelers fan,

The margaritaville shark chasers will be down in the morning, we wanted to head out tonight but did not make it. We plan to head out at seven am (ha,ha,ha) I guess that is why we did not make it down tonight. We have no yak but we do have the jet ski. Just look for the red suburban, Jolly Roger and Dolphin gril should be down sometime on Friday also.
I had to bow out of the High Island trip today. I slept through the alarm and when I did wake up and checked the radar, it didn't look too promising. I just came into work and will use my free day when the weather is going to be better. I will be down there tomorrow though, rain or shine.
I'm coming that way

I'm heading that way tonight after work. Jolly Rogers is being nice enough to let me tag along and see how you fellas fish on the coast. I'll be the ugly guy wearing the green hat.

I'm going to try and head down tomorrow morning. This will be my first time shark fishing. I'll be in a black jeep cherokee. Hopefully the weather will be good, tight lines...
Where you going to be Steelersfan I will try to get by and meet ya. I live in Crystal Beach
We're all going to be up past the barricades somewhere. Hopefully the weather holds for tomorrow.
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