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Meet up with some friends this morning after working the graveyard shift I got to the surf about 7 am due to driving from Deer Park after shift relief at 5:25am.
The surf is very very flat very off color and LOADED with large shrimp and baby croakers. There were 8 of us fishing throwing a variety of topwaters, corky's, and tails. we fished about 12-14 miles of beach and there were a lot of fisherman out today, but no trout or reds for us. We talked with several people up and down the beach all with the same story as us. those in our party that were chunking tails caught some gafftop but thats was it. If you happen to have a cast net you could have loaded up on some shrimp, as I saw some opportunistic fisherman doing.The farther toward Sabine we went the worse the water looked and the further out the green water seemed to be. If conditions and wind stays this way and the green water can make it in it should be very good soon, but thats a big IF! I did hear that there were some fish being caught toward the bolivar pocket. We have been producing some fair catches at the jetties but it's a grind with all the juvenile trout you have to go through before you catch a keeper.

Tight lines!
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