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Here is the short report.

Met Buckeye at 6:30 ish yesterday morning. Real slow day overall. Buckeye had a nice run and got 3 jumps out of a nice toothy critter on his 12/0 at 8am but it started in towards the beach and threw the hook. Not long after, I had a short run on my 900h but it never hooked up. The weight reset so I didn't bring it in which was a mistake. That line was out for almost 2 hours with no bait. Lesson learned. Buckeye picked up a couple of bull reds through the day before the storms came at 1:30. We waited them out for an hour and debated whether we should stay. The storms had the wind out of the SE at about 20 which turned the green to the beach flat water into 2-4's with lots of chop and whitecaps. We were about out of bait at this point but, the wind suddenly died and we spent the next hour trying to cast net mullet. They were out in neck deep water after the blow. Somehow, we managed to snag 4 decent mullet and we run some lines. Finally, at 6:10pm, I get a run. Ends up being a 4'-1" bull shark. We wrap it up after that.

I picked up a 17" trout on live shrimp in the early am along with tons of schoolies, a few bluefish, hardheads and big gafftops. Lost a few nice trout too. Slow, slow day on the big rods but if you take your trout tackle this weekend to the run, and the water is nice, you will keep busy. Saw a few cars going up past us (we were 3.5 miles past the barricades) driving the surf line. The main road was a little sandy up that far but as long as you have a 2wd with decent ground clearance, you shouldn't have a problem from 3.5 miles back to the barricades.


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