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Got to the beach around seven, no wind or waves. Some fresh weed had came in, but was on the beach and not much in the surf. Very fishable. Mullet were not in the surf early in the morning but showed up around ten. Got the first fish of the day around ten
Carol, Buckeye's wife with a red

About an hour after that Buckeye had a rod go slack. Not much of a fight until the end. Mostly came in slack until the sandbar. It put up a short fight.

Buckeye with 4'6" bull shark

Action died for a few hours, then I got a good run.

Jolly Roger with a 4' bull shark

Got the same rod back out. Within five minutes had another run on it. This time my wife got in on the action

Dolphin Girl with a red

Things slowed down for the rest of the day. Conditions were good but very hot. I got the last fish of the day as we were picking up.

Jolly Roger with a red

A good day to be at the beach. All fish were caught on whole mullet between 12"-18". No hits on rays or skipjack. Was some weed in the first gut but was not much of a problem.
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