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My family rented a beach cabin at ramada beach all this week. So my father used my truck and gear all week. He fished right in front of the cabin at ramada's main entrance. They started fishing Monday evening. Not much luck until late that evening.

Girls with bull red

That was it for monday. Tuesday morning they got set up early. A few wade fisherman beside them were having some luck with live shrimp, the largest trout that they saw caught was a six pound. Lots of blues and skipjack. Had a few runs during the day with no hook ups. A slow day.

Wednesday that would all change. The morning starts off with good conditions and the trout fisherman back in action. They got a few baits out and the fun starts. These pics show how NOT to hold a live shark.

Warning do not hold a shark like this.

Thomas Pilgrim with blacktips

They caught two more that day both bull sharks. Both right at five feet in lenght.

Thursday the bite was still going strong. Schools of mullet were getting hit by blacktip all day in the third gut. They caught five more blacktips, all between 4-5', but took no pics. They also got a few bull reds later in the day but only got one pic. Everyone was on the beach getting into the action.

Justin with a red

Friday morning started of with some cloud cover and lighting. A cool front was moving through. They got set up late. The fish were still there and it was not long before they were hooked up. They caught three friday moring before I got there. All blacktips and around four feet each. Smaller then the past few days. I had been getting reports all week from my wife and dad. It was driving me crazy. So I left work early and headed to the beach. Got to the beach around five. They were already fishing. Got a few more lines out and started to relax. It did not take long before we had a run. I was hooked up. Need help ID, think it was a finetooth.

Jolly Roger with a 4'3" finetooth??

My step brother had made it down and walked up just in time for a hook up. He fights and lands a good red. his first.

Jason with 42" red

Shortly after that I get a good run on a 6/0 and hand it to Dolphingirl. It puts up a good fight for about five minutes then breaks off. They had many breakoffs this week. It was time to pack up and get some grub.

Saturday morning we move to between meacoms and dirty pelican pier. Met up with Buckeye and Sharkski. Made bait and got a few rods out. The trout were thick in the surf at one point I caught two in my cast net around 14". Buckeye caught one around 24" on a curlytail. Skipjack were also very thick, with me catching more of them then mullet in the net. Got settled in and had the first run of the morning. It was on a 6/0 and just went slack. Not much of a fight but still fun

Justin with a blacktip

Not to long after that another run on a 555. Justin being the fish catching machine he is, gets to the rod first and starts to fight. This one started to come in slack also. But it did not take long for this fish to figure out that someone was trying to put him on the beach and came alive.

Justin with a bull shark

Things slowed and we settled in for a long day of napping. A few hours later Buckeye had a slack rod.

Buckeye with a red

David and Amy got their sometime, I was napping. They got set up and ran a few rigs out. A hour or so later they get a hit and pull some teeth on the beach
Amy with a finetooth

That was it for us. We packed up and left around five. Sharkski and David were still fishing. All week the bait of choice has been whole mullet, around 12". It is a morning and evening bite, not much action during the day or late into the night. Large schools of mullet are getting the fish in close. If you can find the mullet the fish are somewhere around. It has been a fun week for all of us, the weather has been good and everyone got to catch some fish.
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