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high island 8-2

got to the beach at 1:30p.m. and ran out the 6/0 wide with whole ray about 350 yards,when i was dropping the baits i noticed that there were shad all around,and sharks were tearing through them like crazy.i thought it was cool to watch until the shad sought cover under my yak and i soon heard a loud thud as something ran into the bottom of the yak,kinda shook me up a little but i came back and ran out 3 more baits and ended up catching a 5'8" blacktip,my largest from the beach.we lost another in th 1st gut.both sharks were on large mullet.we had a lot of gafftop on shad,and nothing on the ray. we were set up about 1/2 mile past the barricades and the water was sandy until about150-200 yards out and all fish were released,much to the dismay of a family that seen us get the shark. going back this sunday,sure hope its nice and smooth with plenty of sharks
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