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I had a buddy from Minnesota and a buddy from Maryland in for the Mopar Nationals drag races this weekend. We went to the races on Saturday and went fishing yesterday. Figured I'd put those northern boys on some real fish. Fishfinder and another Houston buddy tagged along. It was their first surf bull red trip, as well. Drove about 2.5 miles past the barracades and threw out the bait rods. Nothing but hardheads. Got out the cast net and got a few mullet, croaker and shad. Had 5 big rods out by 8:00. It didn't take long and one of the rods doubled over. Minnesota Dan got first honors and landed a big 40" bull red. About 10 minutes later, another rod doubles over. Maryland Dave got that one, and it was another 40"+ bull red. We took turns and landed 6 by 10:00. It got slow thru the middle of the day. Lots of bait stealers. We got some more action right around 6:00. Landed 4 more, with one going around 45". (left my tape measure at the house :() Right before we were packing up, we landed 2 blacktips on a double hookup. One went around 30" and the other was around 36". Kept those for the grill. Total count was 10 bull reds from 36-45" estimated, and 2 blacktips. Great day, and one that all of us will never forget. Good times with good buds!

All fish caught on cut bait (tails cut off) and circle hooks. Didn't set the hooks, just leaned into them. All baits were kayaked out 100 yards past the 3rd bar. All fish revived and released, and all of them were hooked in the corner of the mouth, just like they're supposed to do. Also, all the fish were caught on an incoming tide. When the tide turned outgoing and then slack, the bite stopped. When the tide came back in, the bite turned on again.

Another point of interest... When catching bait, there were a few MONSTER shrimp in the net, so I kept a few for a meal. They were 6-8 count shrimp. HUGE! The shrimpers were working just offshore, and I know they were sacking up on those big ones. Should be good on the BBQ Pit!

Saw some nice "scenery", since we were set up on the nude beach. Actually had some "lookers" down there yesterday. Nice little distractions. Too bad we didn't have the camera ready for them! LOL

My buddy took lots of high-res pictures of the fishing, and I'll post a few pics and a link to all of them as soon as he gets them ready.

The bulls are running strong, so get 'em while they're here!
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