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What you think?

  • File size: 157087 bytes
  • File date: 2007:07:22 07:08:42
  • Camera make: Canon
  • Camera model: Canon PowerShot A530
  • Date/Time: 2007:07:21 07:06:31
  • Resolution: 600 x 800
  • Flash used: No
  • Focal length: 23.2mm (35mm equivalent: 146mm)
  • CCD width: 5.72mm
  • Exposure time: 0.0050 s (1/200)
  • Aperture: f/5.5
  • Whitebalance: Auto
  • Metering Mode: center weight
  • Exposure Mode: Auto bracketing
I brought my Exposure time 1/200. I am trying out different exposure times and learning as I go.
Arlon suggested using a flash and they didn't come out to good. There was just too much light.
Tell me view on this one please. Or any suggestions.


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You're improving in leaps and bounds Sandy. I don't know your camera personally but I did a quick lookup on it and see that you have the capability of changing your exposure values +/- 2 full stops in 1/3 increments. Try playing with that EV value to see if you can get some images that may not be quite as over-exposed. This one is not that bad as I see no blown areas but if the EV was adjusted a tad down you might see more details in the petals of the flower. Of course, a lot of this can also be taken care of in your post processing of the image whether it be with Picasa, Elements, Photoshop or whatever you use. It's just a suggestion of something else to try while learning your new camera. Nice job.
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