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Well we attempted to hit the surf at 9:00am , but the seaweed wasn't cooperative so we headed towards Rollover Pass to see if it was fishable. It was just as bad so we went back and set up at the HI 2 mile mark and waited for the seaweed to lighten up. We did manage to yak a few baits out and get them to hold. The water was nice and green with a light SSE wind, but not a fish to found. We had one 10 yaked mullet get hit and dropped. That was the extent of our trip. I did get to meet some good die hard fishing folks at Rollover. They had caught a few decent Specks while we were dodging seaweed. It's always nice to meet quality folks with a common interest. They made the trip worth while. Sorry couldn't offer a good report, but I try to give the good and the bad ever how it falls. I hope it's bette next time, but it sure beats working ;)

See ya on the surf!
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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