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Hey puter dudes

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My puter at the house is giving me a warning that it has been invaded with spyware, and recommends that I download a blocker (I don't recall the name,
I'm at work now). I don't know if this is legit or not, what should I do?? Any and all help would be greatly appreciated.
As always remember "The computer Illiterate are people too!!!"(just slower)
Thanx in advance,
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OK, here is the deal

Your computer will not tell you there is spyware/malware/spybots ect. infecting your computer. What will tell you is a spyware program or a spyware removal/prevention program like Spybot S&D (BTW, a new version is out and everyone should get updated as the old will no longer be supported, keep trying as the CGI limits are reached quickly) Ad-Aware, Pest Patrol or Spyware Blaster.
Spybot S&D here

Ad-Aware here

Spyware Blaster (this is not a remover, but a program to stop spyware programs from getting installed)

They are free to use on personal computers and updated often, so get the updates.

Pest Patrol (Not Free) is a very, very good program.

They do have a free online pest scan

If you are having problems with any search engine, ie. you enter a search and something else pops up, you are HiJacked. To solve this problem go here and download HijacKThis. It searches for browser addons, buttons and startup items.

These programs catch and remove junk that anti-virus and firewalls miss.
I would also like to add that a google search of Adaware or Spyware might give you a lot of results BUT some of the problem programs will not remove but in fact install junk and they in turn install more junk. Most of the ad/spy junk out there is easy to remove but you can find programs that are VERY HARD to remove, like VX2 or Coolwebsearch, so before just downloading something from a search ask around and get something safe and proven. Almost every computer I have ever worked on was infected with junk. Once I removed the junk, and made the repairs the computers ran like new. It might also interest some of you to have a script sentry.

Everyone must decide on what level security they want. This is just a starting point.
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Anti-virus programs will detect some of them

and give false warnings.
Norton is a whole set of problems in it's self. The utilities are great but unless you have a period of time to get the updates from Norton, I would not use it as my anti-virus.
AVG found here
will give you far better results and it is FREE and updated often.
Norton charges you for the updates, and any anti-virus program that is not updated is almost useless, so you can PAY Norton and get SLOW updates or choose another FREE program. Some like Panda, RAV there are many good programs. Of all, I like Mcafee's last. They were good 10years ago but have lost it somewhere.
BTW, Norton is very resource intense.

BTW2, do not use more than one anti-virus program at any time. I even suggest that if you do a online scan like housecall here
you should disable your anti-virus software.
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