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Hey Nighttrain

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I just read your thread on the stripers that were found dead below the **** at Kerr.I talked to a guy the other night at church and he had a friend that went down to santee this past week and he heard the same report below the **** in the tailrace canal.The catfishing is below standard at santee and i just wonder if there's a link there somewhere.Fishing is slow here also but I haven't heard any bad reports as far as dead fish.I hope they put somebody to work on it sooooooonnnnnnnnn!!!!!!!!!Are you wearing out up there?
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What's up,Mudhole?

Hope your trip to Fla. was a goodun...I think with the Blues comin' off the spawn,things should be pickin' up...soon...I hope...
Kerr Dam seperates Kerr from Gaston.Gaston is downstream.Directly below the dam is the tailrace area,which has an offshoot stream that forms an island(you may have heard KerrLake called "Buggs Island ".Many locals call it that...anyway,the flow into Gaston sometimes fluctuates greatly.One of the theories I think possible,is that those stripers got in that small creek,chasin' shad,and got trapped.They would then expire from low o2 levels and were flushed out into the main lake [email protected] the next opening of the dam.Either that or somethin' happened that I don't want to think about.According to reports from a reliable source Va. Dept.of Game/Inland Fisheries was called and supposedly the stripers were the only type fish found.
Good Theory,fla Was A Bust.kids Had A Good Time But The Rip Tides Was Drowning People Left And Right.red Flags All Week.as Long As The Kids Were Happy ,thats What Counts.later

I hope it is not the beginning of the Golden Algea blooms weve had going on here in Texas in the Brazos River Basin for 2 or 3 years now. It has really hurt our fishing in Lakes Possum Kingdom, Whitney, Granbury. Recently, Lake Texoma has reported some areas in the Lake have also fell victim. It begins by killing all the shad, then spreads to the rough-fish next, and finally the Game fish. I dont know why it does, but it does. At Possum Kingdom, the devastation was hard to believe, a 10' ring of dead fish along the windblown banks, sickening. Divers reported solid dead carcasses on the bottom of the Lake. It has hit P.K. hard twice, Granbury hard once, and hit mildly at Whitney 2 or 3 times. They say the Texoma bloom was also in a specific areaa of the Lake and did not get Lakewide. I hope yall never see what we saw here as our Lakes turned yellow and our fish turned into buzzard food.

Didn't get into Lake Worth or Eagle Lake did it?

No, It isn't in Lake Worth or Eagle-Mountain Lake, they are on the West Fork of the Trinity. Just got in the Brazos and Red-River basin Lakes.
I Don't Know All The Details,but I Do Know They've Reported Seeing Dead Carp And Stripers. I Hope They Can Find Out And Do Something With It. Sea Slug ,or Anyone Else, Tell Me A Lil' More About This Algea Bloom. Can It Happen Anywhere And When Or Why Does It Accure? Like To Learn A Lil"

I recommend you send a private message or E-Mail PKfav from these forums. He has lived and guided on the Brazos Lakes many years, and is one of the experts on this stuff. Ill send him an E-mail to and tell him to look at this thread. It kills fish by attatching to and clogging gills, cutting off oxygen. It has been reported in many bodies of water world-wide. It started in Isreal back in the 60's, and seems to be showing up all over the USA, very scattered, but in many places.It doesn;t kill all the fish, just a large number of them. Some escape it by going deep, it cant bloom past 22' I have heard. Send Dean (PKfav) a message. He can fill you in. It is a plague, I hope you dont have it in your Lake.
Still haven't heard of the cause yet...haven't been any problems with shad kills or for that matter any other instances at all...mmmm?Don't have any algae blooms although hydrilla is a nuisance to some and a blessing to fishermen.We've had a prob starting with "gill maggots" in some of the striper population.:(
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