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I came home late last night from "Joeys" and came in thru the garage, the quiet way into the house, stumbling around in the dark with, frankly a with bit of a snoot full. We had been having a hurricane party.

You step in then down to go into the house or out on the deck. I reached for the light switch but it must have been the garage door opener.

With the garage door open the wind was fierce, as bad as it was out side.

I took two steps down, we have a spilt level rancher, and fell into chest deep ice water.

I called for Patzy and in the distance thru the wind I could here her.

I search frankly under water and back and forth as far as I could swim.

I found her once but in a panic she fought me and broke loose.

Towards dawn I was devastated and exhausted and found a small ladder that must have been swept in the house from the garage so I hung on to it a passed out. Finally the fire dept. rescue boat saved me and got me to shelter.

Patzy said this morning, over black coffee and eggs, she tried to drag me out of the pool but couldn't get me up on the deck so she pushed me up the ladder and left me there until day light. Evidently I found my own way into the house. It was dry and unharmed.

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Well, you got me again Bubba!

How about next time you start out your post with:
"Get out your defibrillator!"
Then I'll know not to get so worked up.
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