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I'm sharing with you this email I just received. I get these ALL the time. I generally tell them that I can't help them but I am forwarding their email to someone who can...the US Justice Dept.

This mail comes from:

Ibrahim <[email protected]>

Ibrahim wrote:
i sincerely hope that this email will not reflect me
in a bad light.
I am a very influential person in one of the African
countries,i‘m just uncertain on how to express my request to
you without sounding vague, but please hear me out.
I happen to be the son of an ex-head of state of one
of the African countries, and right now i am under a lot
of political sanctions, furthermore my international passport
has been siezed by the present Government.
My purpose ofcontacting you is because im
in search of a foreign partner to help me
facilitate a very large financial deal which i have
planned for a while now.
It involves a large amount of money,currently in a
numbered account in Switzerland, which i will dislcose
to you if you do eventually to assist me in
facilitating this deal.
I am sorry i cannot reveal my true identity to you for
so many reasons, until i believe we are on the same
There are so many truths about my country that the
world never even knew about, my father was a good man.
I really need a friend, i need someone i can open up to.
Please respond to me as soon as possible.
my very best regards
email me : [email protected]


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I just can't figure this one out!

I clicked on the link at the bottom of his email.

Try it. See what you think.

The site looks legitimate....of course I can't understand the language. I think, but I'm not sure, that the Panther System on my Macintosh includes a "translator". If it does, I'll go back there and see if I can have the page translated.

Anyone here know what language that is?

If you want to have a good laugh, go to this site where Spam Email is handled brilliantly!


Below, what I think of Spammers!

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OK. I give up!

I try to get serious once in a while and you guys get nuts all over me!

And Bubba, I figured you were a "Toker" a long time ago.

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