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if you made arrangements with a travel agent, try them. Otherwise try the airline.

If a storm comes through, no airline going to be flying anyway. If they cancel the flight, they should at least give you a crdeit voucher for that amount. The condo - you put it on a credit card, right? if a strom comes through that makes for a strong argument for refuting a charge with your CC company. They shouldn't be able to charge you for a room that can't be occupied (if Ft. Pierce is evacuated). If a Cat 4 makes it there, they surely will evacuate.

*edit* after thinking a minute - trip insurance may be one of those things gone by the wayside in a post 9/11 world (even professional liability ins. went up after 9/11, my ins. co. blamed it on the bombing). It was available when I was leading dive trips to Mexico - never bought it and never needed it, thankfully. I don't think any of my customers ever bought it either, but it was available.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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