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Thanks Fred! Best post you've put up in a long time. While I'm still making regular deposits in that "bank" referred to in your story I have already gotten to the point where I make the occasional withdrawl, as well. It is a concept that I am highly aware of.

I just spent 4 days with my dad and it is the best time we have had together in a long time. Mostly just sitting around talking about the past and memories of my mother and our family as I was growing up. His account in that bank is a very rich one and listening to him and being with him was a wonderful trip back for both of us. He is quite happy and content because, as he says, nothing hurts. His appetite is good and he has no restrictions in his diet. His mind is clear and sharp, his sense of humor stays in high gear. He just doesn't move as fast or as sure footed as he used to.

We both laughed till we had tears in our eyes over the holidays.

You younger folks better start making heavy deposits in YOUR memory bank account NOW. There is no way that I could over-state the importance of that account for your senior years. Never miss an opportunity to share experiences with your children while you have them at home with you. Later on you'll be sorry if you do.
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