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Here is a "strange". Mont, anyone?

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I have always had the option turned on that notifies me anytime there is a response to a thread to which I am subscribed. If a response was posted, then the e-mail notification was instantaneous. The way it seems to work now is that I don't get the e-mail notifications instantly. The only time is when I first turn on the computer and get on the board each day, I get a notification for each response from the PREVIOUS day. Kinda weird. :spineyes:
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In the user CP under message notification you have 5 different choices.
Do not subscribe
No Email notification
Instant Email notification
Daily Email notification
Weekly Email notification

I think you may have it set to daily instead of instant.
Jack, even the instant notification isn't really "instant" The script mails them out in batches of 100 every hour, so there can be a delay there too along with the time it takes for the mail to go from CT to TX.
Well, Dissipator,

I guess I need to check that one also cause I'm not getting any notification until I shut off my computer also. Guess since re-registering I didn't check those options. Thanks!

Jack, guess you and I need to brush up a little! Dah!

Monty, do you give lessons on how to use TTMB? LOL!
LOL Kim! I need WAY more than a brush-up. Computers for dummies would probably suite me best!

Thanks for the info Dissipator and Mont. I'll look into it! ;)
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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