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Well, I finallly got out to the bote this weekend. Started her up since I have not run her her in a few weeks since my accident. While I was running the engine, I noticed the engine turned to the side which normally I keep it strait all the time. When I went to turn the sterring wheel to straiten it out I the steering wheel would turn no problem, but the engine would not turn with it.

So, basically the engine will not turn. (Except to the right) but that takes a whole lot of turning until it engages. It will not turn to the left at all? The engine when you push on it will turn freely either direction? I also noticed a small 1/2" spiral cable under the console that comes out of the steering column that ends up coming out of the black tube it was in. This spiral cable keeps on coming in & out of the tubing as I turn the wheel? It appears that there was a cap on the end of it to stop it from coming out. Not sure.

The only thing I can think of is that when I was fighting those 2 thugs I think we slammed up against the engine. Other than that it was working fine when I took it out. Sorry for the long post. Sorta of bummed since I was hoping to get it out this weekend and then...Well above.

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