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Help with shark ID?

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Caught around a rig in about 900' of water while AJ fishing off Louisiana.

I think its a big blacktip, but all these sharks get me confused, especially with increased regs. I don't normally think of blacktips as having such a long tail, almost a thresher look.
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that tail is screaming thresher shark to me lol.
Hard to tell from the picture but might be a dusky or a brown shark. NOT a thresher for sure.

Yeah.. Like Shindle said.. it is hard to tell. Can't be sure but my opinion is indeed a big Blacktip.
that tail looks like its about half the length of the shark's body, but the tail is in the foreground and may just look alot longer than it really is. and the snout isn't blunt enough for a thresher.

maybe mr. thresher had a thing ms.blacktip..... and there you go lol ..... or it could just be the reflection of the water making it look bigger
I think its a dusky , but animal might be right about ms. blacktip and mr. thresher!
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