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I have run out of friends and family to ask, so I am turning to the 2cool community to spread the word. Hope some folks will pitch in!


Copy from 9/29/08

The folks in San Leon were hard hit by Ike. You may have seen pics of Eagle Point and Topwater Grill. Homes were destroyed near the water and those further inland were flooded. For instance, my grandmother's house on Avenue H got 5 feet of water. Thankfully she is insured, but many are not. The streets there are literally lined with ruined belongings and sheetrock. Many of the residents are poor, and are having a tough time.

FEMA is at the spillway park. Across the street from my grandmother's house, at the San Leon Community Church there is another relief site where the Red Cross is distributing hot food. The Southern Baptist Convention folks have been helping people with cleaning and clearing and are distributing goods. Amazingly, each day trucks come from all over the country carrying supplies and volunteers. I handled ice Sunday along side a volunteer from the gas field close by. He has been bringing a fork lift over to unload the trucks. The line to receive food, cleaning supplies, ice, water and other essentials took 4 hours to clear on Sunday. It starts again at 5pm.

They had some baby food, but no diapers or wipes. Yesterday and today I have delivered donated baby stuff to the site and both times they had already run out again.If any 2coolers can donate diapers, wipes or baby food I can accept them at work and deliver them. My office is at Forest Park East Cemetery and Funeral Home, 21620 Gulf Freeway, Webster, TX 77598. My cell number is 281-381-3188. If you would like to volunteer or take things directly there, the church is right at the corner of 10th and Ave H off 517, in San Leon.

Please pass this to anyone that can help.


Follow up 10/1/08:

Thanks to everyone who contributed baby stuff! I hope that it makes you smile when you think of a little baby with a clean diaper on his/her bottom because you took the time to help!

Monday, the volunteers cheered when they saw diapers, baby food and wipes coming because they had run out again. It was around 2pm. The volunteers I met were from Georgia and had brought two 18 wheelers full of supplies the night before and were distributing them. These types of deliveries had been coming in fairly regularly from all over the Country. God's people doing what Christ called us to do! Amen!

Tuesday and Wednesday they had run out of the baby supplies by the time I arrived as well. Today I was saddened to see the same long lines for supplies but much fewer supplies and volunteers. Of course, more folks and supplies could arrive tonight. I pray that they do.

Clothing is no longer needed!

They still need baby food, diapers, and wipes so spread the word if you are so inclined and let me know how I can assist the effort.

Check out www.sanleontexas.com for pics and information on the relief effort.


Where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst
of them.-Matt.

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