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this will be my second trip out on the deep blue sea, and my second time on the big e with captain elliots party boats. I have read and researched many peoples opinions on the 12 hour trips. What i have been informed from most replies is the fact that the charter boats are in the business to make money and will not let you sit on there honey holes long and to utilixe the first 15 - 20 mintues while anchored. My first trip out i used there rods and reels/ setups. I have read in some other forums and on this board also that using there setup witch consists of a 20 ounce weight and double hook leader is the old school manner compared to the days of snappers not having limits and having a meat haul when you went out to venture for the snapper compared to the length limit now and that you want to increase your productivity to catch the tru pick o the crop( meaning the sow snapper) I recently have purchased my own rod a reel, a shimano tekota 700. it is currently rigged with 50 lb test. My major question is...instead of rigging my setup the same way they rig there setups on the big e, should i try to runa jig setup? snapper slappers opr another type? i see some people post that the jigs keep the smaller snapps from biting the lines and eating up your time. is this tru? and some saying to put a sardine or live bait on the end of the jig can increase your chance? can this jig setup also target amberjacks or kings? Basically im asking for help on how to rig my pole to have a blast of a time to catch legal limits on my next trip and to also increase my chances of different species. what size jig head? do i have to put a weight on the line with jig to help it sink? or brand jigs to buy to jig for snapper and amberjacks? should i run aleader witha jjg or just swivel? if so what pound test? if i jig can a i still catch grouper? I will be boarding my trip on monday the 26th of june. any information on this would greatly be aprecciated. Thank you guys and gals for taking the time to read this.
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I have been to about 10 trips in the past. Use their gear and add more hooks to it . I fished with 4 hooks at a time. You also will notice the back of the boat is where all the big fish are caught . The free line a cigar minnow . Good luck getting the back of the boat forget about it. . You could bring a speck rig and small rod to catch the small dolphins (3lb) by casting to them and reeling in fast put squid on the hook or bare hook with squide . Small rod is what I would bring. I have couple of lure that you can have . Glow in the dark large snapper slaper . I live in clearlake . All fish are caught in less than 10 min so be quick. 1.99 Gloves are must so you can take fish off fast . Make sure you have enough weight so you don't end up . Drifting to other people and pull without thinking all the times . You may bring food and drink on capt eliot unlike the the Galveston boats . 98% of fish will be snapper and rest are by accident .

Hey DominO- Welcome to the site!

The Tekota is a good reel for snapper and congratulations on taking your first step to 'ho'dom'! LOL BTW- I doubt it will end there!

The bigger the bait (jig) the better chance you have of keeping smaller fish off and bigger fish on.

While snapper fishing, there's always a chance of an AJ or Grouper hitting. But you have to decide on your primary target, then rig accordingly and except what decides to fight with you.

While you might need 20 oz of weight depending on the current, you should start with 8 oz (if you're fishing for snapper with a Carolina - Rig style set up) and watch your line when you drop. If it stays relatively straight, the weight is enough for the current, and your bait will stay in the strike zone and not drift into other's line.

Snapper slappers are good all around jigs, but diamond jigs are too and all jigs are usually better catchers if you tip with something, a whole cigar minnow, or even better, a strip of bonito skin. The bonito skin is really tough and will allow more bites before the fish can get it off.

What did you load your reel with 50# spectra or mono? If mono, just tie directly to your jig.

If spectra, IMO, have a DH set you up with a leader of about 60# mono (unless you know how to do this yourself). But watch the DH do it so you can learn how and do it for yourself in the future.

As boashna alluded to, you can target kingfish by drifting a whole cigar minnow (with no weight on your line) off the stern or the down current side of the boat.

Good luck!
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They call them party boats not fishing boats for a reason. Plenty of time and room to drink but not alot of room to fish. Its like dancing with your grandmother, imo.

Good Luck!
i will be on the big e on mondays 12 hour
im taking my dad out and i got a few tricks up my sleave to get him on some nice fish.

i use a tld 15 with 100 lbs powerpro that way i can horse anything up. because when the boat is full its very busy on deck. most of the fish are caught in the fist 5 minutes, so with that heavy line it goes down faster with less resistance to curent and with the big crank on my reel i can bring them up in a hurry, i have bait in the water more than anyone else, i have a better chance of catching more fish.. that is my reasoning.
If you are new to this, I would recommend two techniques: a 3oz bucktail and a 8oz. fishfinder (carolina rig). The bigger fish are usually higher in the water, so while everyone else freespools to the bottom with heavy bank sinkers, right past the fish, you want a slow, controlled descent thru the water column. Thats why I start off with 3oz bucktail. You tip with a sardine. Then underhand cast away from the boat, so you don't tangle with everyone fishing straight down. If you get a fish on, get it in the boat ASAP and then get back out there immediately! If current is too much for the 3oz, then go to a caroline rig with a heavier 8oz egg sinker. If you make them in advance, it is quick to cut off the jig and tie on the rig. If you are in a spot where the current allows you to drift out, freelineing a sardine is also good.

You have hit on one of the biggest "secrets" to partyboat fishing. Most of the time on June to August trips, you end up getting on one hot spot, if that. So you have to maximize your catching opportunities when you get on that spot.This is one of the main reasons 1) I fish without a stinger hook, and 2) I fish with mono. With a single hook, I feel I am able to unhook my fish and get back out quicker. And if I tangle (which is a certainty if you hit a honey hole), I can cut my line out of the mess, and retie with back to back uni knots within 30 seconds. If really bad, I just cut off and tie on a new jig or carolina rig. (Thats also why I use the inexpensive bucktails or carolina rigs! I don't worry about losing a $8 lure.) While everyone else is missing the bite trying to untangle, I am fishing again.

Note the above is really for the summer tourist season on the partyboats. You have to adapt your more seasoned stratagies (jigging, etc.) during that period, or you will get frustrated with all the rookies and losing gear and not catching fish. Remember this before you get on, and try to enjoy being on a boat with a beer and friends. Catching fish is gravy during the tourist season. Yes, I have to remind myself this sometimes also. :)
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if i run carolina rig how much for tyhe length ont he leader? and what size sinker...?
Domin0 said:
if i run carolina rig how much for tyhe length ont he leader? and what size sinker...?
About 3ft is fine, 60-100lb test mono. If you use 3oz jigs, you don't need lighter carolina rigs, just use 8oz. If you don't use jigs, rig carolinas with 3oz and 8oz. I use about a 6/0 circle hook. DrShark and some others had some good pics on the prerigged carolinas. Keep in mind, that just what I do, and lots of others have good opinions on lots of variables. That's why most experienced guys, when asked what works best, will give you the frustrating answer "you have to find what works for you." Listen to what everyone says, and try them all. Best thing you can have is a lot of variable methods to try until you "find what works for you."
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