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Nope....not it..good try though...the only lyric I can remember other than bits and pieces of Straight song titles is something to the effect of.." nobody line dances in this state..something, something, something...swing it straight(?)" I've heard it on the FM in Austin & College Station...not likely to be played here in H-town. I've searched all over, and it's on the tip of my tounge..but alas, it escapes me...

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Is this it?

Swingin Till We Can’t See Strait-Dan Roberts off the LP "Viva La Cowboy"

I get honky tonk crazy with a fire I can’t put out
Someone call the fireman, he’ll know what it’s about
When you’re unwound and thinkin’ easy come easy go’
Or you want to hear pure country, he’s your ace in the hole.

He learned somethin’ special from Bob Wills to King of Swing
Right or wrong and lefty’s gone, we love to hear him sing.
Don’t leave your Baby Blue a sittin’ in the chair
You’ll be an overnight success if you take your baby where

They’ll be swingin till they can’t see Strait
When it’s dance time in Texas
Cross my heart, I think it’s great
Nobody in his right mind line dances in this state
They just swing until they can’t see Strait.

It’s a fool hearted memory
To think Fort Worth won’t cross my mind
I’ll be down and out cause it ain’t cool to think about the time
When he hangs up his hat and steps down from the stage
Where the sidewalk ends and the cowboy rides away.

Nobody in his right mind line dances in this state
We just swing until we can’t see Strait.
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