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FishinAg said:
Visiting the in- laws next week in NO(Kenner). They don't fish, is there anywhere to walk-in? Any help or websites would be appreciated, carrying my wading gear down there just in case. Thanks
Ag, I was born and raised in the New Orleans area, lived in Kenner most of my life and can tell you there is nowhere in the New Orleans area to wade fish. There are a couple piers you can fish from such as the one at the Willams Boat Launch in Lake Pontchatrain (next to the casino), Bonnable Boat Launch, or the seawall at Seabrook bridge. I hear they are catching monster drum and redfish out there.

If you are willing to make the drive (~2 hours from Kenner) you can do some GREAT wade fishing off the beach in Grand Isle or Port Fourchon. If you are interested let me know and I will send directions.

Your best bet is to find someone with a boat and have them take you to Bayou Bienville or Reggio, they are killing them down there.

I hope this helps let me know if you need any more info.

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Two suggestions if your willing to spring for a guide.

1. Cajun Fishing Adventures in Buras. They are first class and really know how to put you on the fish.

2. Dixie Riverside Charters in Buras. I fished with Patrick 2 weeks ago and he was awesome.

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Good Info

Thanks for the replies. Don't know if I'll have time for any of these, just lookin' to see if there was a quick fix in the area. If I can get a guide or make the trip south, I'll let y'all know how it goes. Thanks again.
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