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I need some help choosing a dog. I guess first ill give you a little background on what im looking for.
1. It needs to be a good inside dog.
2. It cannot shed ALOT. (GF's dog sheds like CRAZY, nonstop even after a brush and bath, so it stays at her parents.)
3. Needs to be fairly smart. (GF's dog is dumb as a box of rocks.)
4. A good outdoors dog, ex. fishing, hunting, ranch.
5. Needs to be good with kids.
6. Looking for a medium size dog.

The choices i have kind of narrowed it down to are:
1. Blue Heeler
2. Brittney Spaniel
3. Springer Spaniel (i know, not really medium size.)

I use to have a Brittney and was a great dog but he was an outside dog, not sure how well he would do inside.
A guy i use to know had a Blue Heeler and was the smartest dog ever. He was great.
My uncle has a Springer that is pretty smart too and he keeps him in his condo.

If i get one should i get a pup, or one that is already a year or two old?
Thanks for any input you can give me.
Jeff Hartung

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if you have room for it to run a german short hair pointer is a great dog for people and is a riot to watch do their natural instincts very smart maybe to smart and enjoys water loves the hot texas weather.
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