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Be carefull

Here's a little something to read. Be carefull

Press Release

Date: June 9, 2004

Contact: CWO2 Adam Wine (281) 481-3880


HOUSTON - A crew from Coast Guard Station Freeport, Texas rescue four fishermen from their sinking boat near the mouth of the Freeport Jetties, early this morning.

The four fishermen were returning to port after an all-night fishing trip in the Gulf of Mexico. As they approached the entrance to the jetties a large wave broke over the bow and swamped their 35-foot boat the Sadie.

The crew of the Sadie contacted the Coast Guard at 5:12 a.m. The crew of Coast Guard Station Freeport launched their 41-foot rescue boat at 5:15 a.m. The rescue crew arrived on scene at 5:30 a.m. and found the fishermen waist deep in water and their boat sinking. Fortunately no one onboard was injured and all were wearing life jackets.

The Coast Guard crew rescued the fishermen, quickly dewatered the Sadie, and towed it to the Bridge Bait and Tackle boat launch located next to the Surfside Bridge in Freeport.

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Cause we all spent last Sunday thinking, as we cleaned fish, "next weekend I am going to be ready when that big ling swims up by throwing out a ...."

Now, we are just looking at that forecast thinking about how the wife will try to take us to Bed Bath and Beyond and then to a chick flick on Saturday.

Kinda feels like a knee to the groin after finally getting out on the water last weekend.

Now where is my cup? I think thats the wife calling.

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who captains the Sadie? i guess they were still out of the jetties? man, that is a lot of boat accidents here lately. My wife won't care as long as i am making more money than i am spending, she may have a problem with the girls in g-strings fueling the boats and waitressing the dock!! **** i can't spell!

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****.....................I am sure you would get alot of business like that. Sounds like you would be getting your help from Clear Lake.

Talking about boat accident. When we were out Saturday a guy called CC cause his oil tank blew up. Sounded like he was having a bad day cause he also had GPS and radio problem. I can't remember the name of the boat right now.

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Sat. there was a 21' cuddy taking on water but could not make out his commuication but Coast Gaurd responed by asking his location. Never heard coast repeat location. I guess he didn't know where he was. GPS, don't leave home without even if its a handheld for back up.
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