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Finally past the denial stage. Been test driving a devise called "oticon". Audiologist says they are state of the art. Should be for $4500 a pair!!!!
Now on 2nd week but not convinced that they are what I want, OR need. I'm not deaf by all means, but in a crowd or lots of backround noise areas I have a hard time keying in the the person Im talking to. My kids are telling me my hearing is getting worse too.
So, who wears these or other devises, and what are your opinions.
You dont have to type in caps either, I can see just fine!!!

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I just returned a set of Oticons. It wasn't that they didn't work...they did. They worked fine.

Along the way, I learned that Oticon has about ten or twelve different varieties and levels. The ones I had were just one level below the "best" that they offered. Cost a bit more than yours, too...of course. I went back for one re-fitting to up the volume level before deciding that they were not for me.

I wasn't happy with the fact that I couldn't adjust the volume level on my own. I wasn't happy ....especially... that when I had to take them out..(when they were too loud for the venue) that I had to put them away and worry about them.

Mostly, it was that, at 70, my hearing is definitely going..but..the three things that take up 90 % of my waking hours...do not need hearing aids. I fish; I golf; I fly r/c model airplanes. None of those things need amplification.

I decided that I didn't need the worry and bother about where the darn things were most of the time. They worked fine, when I was in a crowd or listening to TV.

However, for TV, I have a set of headset/earphones that allow me to listen at my level and my wife to listen at her own level. Under $100.00 at radio shack.

The audiologist agreed that those devices work even better than hearing aids because they block out all of the surrounding noises. I get something similar when I go to the movies for free...and it works great.

One time they fell out when I spray painting something! Another time, I got in the shower, and forgot that I had them in!

So, I didn't need the mess and bother...to help me in the 5 percent of my life when they would have done a good job. I returned them.
regards, Rich.
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