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Taking my 8-yr. old and Joey-the-dog to SLP (Glavez side) early tomorrow. Anyone been out there in a while that could shoot me a quick report?

Two weeks ago we spent 8 days in Pensacola - AWESOME! Been quite some time since I've been in gin-clear water. Spent a day with my youngest on the pier there. Really a treat to watch Tarpon (up to 120 lbs.+) swim by in pairs, Kingfish, Bonita, and saw Barracuda to 40+ pounds - saw one get decked! Have to admit something here - I had more fun snorkeling along the Condo we rented then I did fishing. Found literally hundreds of shells: conchs, augers, jackknife clams, scallops,... I could go on. Twice in the same dayy had sharks swim along the beach between me and the shore while I was wade fishing.

As God allows, the wife and I will live there some day.............. Long Rodder
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