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Has anyone built a walk-in shower?

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We are in the process of doing some updates to our 20 year-old home and would like to replace the tub in our master bath with a walk-in shower. Has anyone here been through the walk-in shower construction process as part of a remodel? I have received a couple of bids and the cost seems extremely high but perhaps I don't fully understand the scope of the work. I would appreciate any suggestions either on contractors or advice from a do-it-yourself perspective.
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I did a remodel on my bathroom and put a walk in tile and glass block. Its a heck of alot of work.
There are simply to many variables..

Are the custom building the drain pan ???

Are they quoting a stock shower system???

What is the material they are quoting??? Fiberglass, Marble, Cultured stone???

If it is the custom drain style to make better use of the existing pipe setup that will cost, but if they use a stock pan and have to reroute the drain that will add it up....

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I built Doc a 6ft wide x 8ft deep doorless shower with a granite bench...Materials were about $1800 & Labor was 1500 or so..
Angel here on 2Cool did most of the work on mine and did a great job. Mine was supposed to be a walk-in, but we decided to use glass instead. You can see pictures here:


Thank you for the link to the pics. You have made a tremendous difference in the appearance of your home with your work.
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An outfit in Houston sells a remodel shower bottom which fits the drain pattern for a standard tub. Then you just need to prep the walls and tile, or culture marble, etc. Right now tile is cheaper than cultured marble, unless you get a really expensive tile. I believe that the name of the supplier is Royal Bath. I am bidding one next week, but do not have the numbers handy right now. Tub, or shower replacements are not cheap if done right. But they can be a do-it-yourself project if you have the skills.

I did the "do it yourself" method on my shower. Took out the 1 piece tub/shower combo and built a 6x6 tiled walk in with 3 assorted shower heads, 4 body sprays, glass block window, and a bench. Let's just say I can see where the high cost for a contractor would come into play. I gutted the bathroom and basically started over like yourself. Materials were not too bad, but labor would be the big factor in price. Took about 2 months total to complete. I would not suggest a beginner "do it yourselfer" take on the task though.
Thanks waterbug! Good luck on yours! :brew:
Scout177 said:
You gave Doc a deal.
I bet Doc gives it back to him in the long run......lol
Haven't done one myself but wanting to do the same thing. In my case I currently have a seperate shower and, I believe it was called a garden tub when I had this place built in 93. I want to replace the tub with a bigger shower area and just make the old shower into a closet for towels etc.... Keep us updated if you get the project launched.

Nice work you've had done at your place Shadman. My thoughts for my shower are exactly inline with what you've done. What something bigger and somewhere to sit if needed while enjoying the shower. Guess it's a age thing wanting to sit down during the shower :)
LOL...yep, we enjoy it. You can't really tell by the pictures, but mine is a little over 8' long and just under 4' wide. The glass for it ($2100 was the cheapest bid) was as expensive as the entire rest of it. :eek:
Just finished.

My wife and I tore out our tub and shower enclosure to put in a walk-in shower. It was a lot of work but well worth it I think. We did everything ourselves except for the glass wall which we left to the glass company. Used it for the first time this morning. Hardest parts was tiling the walls and sawing the ramp from the original pan to floor level. We had to make a new shower pre-slope and pan and install a new drain. Here's a pic. (if it works, never posted a pix here before)


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That looks great Scout. I bet the bathroom looks much bigger now. Excellent tile work.
Nice job, Scout! That's an awfully large pane of glass to only have support on 2 sides, though. Did they not recommend a support bar going between the top of the glass on the top/back corner and the ceiling?
I took out a tub/shower and put in at 5' x 7' walk in. I did all the demo down to the studs and concrete. I also installed the concrete backer board. This stuff is a b*tch to work with. Hired a plumber to install the fixture and build a custom shower pan & curb. I then hired a tile guy to install 6x6 ceramic tile on the floor and walls (to the ceiling). Plumbing & shower pan was $1000. Tile work was $500.
The coolest walk-in shower I've seen was in a magazine many years ago. It probably would not work as a re-do, but in new construction.

It was completely tile - floor, walls and ceiling. It would kind of be like walking into a snail shell. If you can imagine looking at it from the top, it would resemble the letter "G." The flat side and opening would be flush with the bathroom walls. You'd walk in and walk around to the left, and the shower head would be on the inner side of the flat part. The floor sloped down slightly where the drain was. It was really cool, and no shower curtain or glass wall needed.

Has anyone seen one similar?
Ortega Tile & Remodeling Co. over 30yrs. in business free estimates. [email protected]
Shadman, The installer from the glass company (Thad Ziegler, one of the largest in S.A) insisted that the glass was safe, saying even if someone fell against it, it wasn't going anywhere. The top corner does move if you try and wiggle it back and forth. They said some people want the brace from the corner back to the wall for piece of mind but it really isn't necessary and looks better without it.
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