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I just pulled this from another board for those interested.
A very reliable source has informed me that two guys purchased Harrington and Harnell from Jean and John Harrington and arein the process of getting a location in Oregon and "revamping" the equipment. I have an e-mail to the new owners inquiring about the timeline of the availability of these blanks and will let you know more when I hear back from them.
Yes Doc Ski was my "reliable source" I was going to post the link but didn't think you could post links to other forums, he e-maile me and has been in contact with both Jean Harrington and the prospective owners.

Kenyth, the guy that is trying to restart the company replied and is currently "jumping through hoops" with the city and county people and hopes to be operational by years end. He has everything from the old company and are planning on reproducing the rods exactly as before. He is also contacting all of Jean's accounts and old clients to get a feel on the market and the types of rods we need to be ready to make (suggestions are welcomed, I mentioned 555's 540's & 542's). He also welcomed inquiries to [email protected] It looks like there are still a few hurdles for these guys but hopefully they will be up and running again.

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552's where the mainstay of that blank company on the coast.
I've used them since 1972, and built many over three decades.
550's came along later and at only 8.5 ft made a pretty good surf rod as well.
Those two get my vote.
Thanks for the info.
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