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I 've been in Tulsa thae last few days, and wanted to go by a woodworking store to pick up some pen wood blanks and duck call blanks.

Well, I found a new Hardwood store up there and ended up buying some wood to expand my students, as well as my knowledge. The prices seemed preety good but what do I know!!!!!!!!!

I got :

Cherry 9.15 BDF
Coffeebean 2.86
Maple Tiger 7.25
Sasssafrass 3.18
Angelina Pedra 6.21
Mahogany 8.26
Purpleheart 8.5
Yellowheart 9.98 and a few others.

I figured it would be a good idea for them to calcute the Boardfeet on each baord as an assigement and due some cost analysis.


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