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Happy Birthday Walkin' Jack!

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You are the biggest man I know my friend! I hope you enjoy this day and get to hug the ones close to you. You'll have to settle for a cyber hug from me Pops!

Luv ya!

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Happy Birthday - have a good'un
Hey Lil' Brother...

Happy Birthday! How often does your birthday and Fathers day fall on the same day?...Vic
Jack I have already said Happy Birthday but you have to have a birthday song so you got to listen to this song.



Happy Birthday WJ, you my friend are what I like to call a room changer. When you walk into a room the tone changes. Thanks for being the guy that you are and such a vital piece of the 2cool puzzle. You were the first 2cooler many of us ever met and left an impression on us that has kept us around for years. Hope Miss Pam treats ya to a great day and a great Fathers Day weekend. Have a good one friend.

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Happy Birthday Jack!!
The official 2cool greeter....
You were also the first person I met at 2cool, and one of the best.

Happy B-day buddy. You are the true spirit of this board. I miss your long story/posts. When you find time please don't hesitate to enlighten us with your gift. Have a good one and many more.
Happy birthday my friend.
Happy Day...
Happy Birthday Jack from your friends down south.
Bob & Adeline
A couple of my favorite pics!


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Well, as birthdays go, this was a good one, even though I worked all day. I got to spend the day with Miss Pam.

I just want to say that the love and warm wishes of all you guys made it a very special day. I think it just serves to underscore what I've known for some time now. That home and happiness is not a place. It isn't "stuff" either. It is PEOPLE. Family and good friends are the keys to happiness.

I sure hope the saying is true that you can judge a person by the company they keep. Because if that's really true then I must be one charmin' guy. The company I keep is the very best.

There was a novelty song back years ago in country music. The name and the singer are long forgotten. But it was one of those "lesson" songs that I'll always remember. It was about a guy that was always complaining about how he never had time to relax and do the things that he wanted to do because of his family's demands on his time. It was always run here and go there and do this or that for the kids and the wife. He felt like they were strings HOLDING HIM DOWN and keeping him from enjoying his life.

Then one day he had a slam-bang heart attack and nearly died. He awoke in the hospital with his wife holding his hand and his children gathered around his bed. With tears of joy and relief in his eyes he realized that those strings he'd complained about all those years hadn't been holding him down after all. They'd been HOLDING HIM UP.

I know full well that I ain't the sharpest knife in the drawer but I didn't have to have a heart attack to learn that lesson.

Last year was GREAT, thanks largely to you all. Thank you. I can't wait to see what the next year will be like! :)
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Happy B-Day Jack.....Hope it a gooding. And there are many more to come.
Better late than never so Happy b-day to ya and hope you had a good one. I really enjoy your posts. Thanks.

Belated Happy Birthday Walking Jack!

I was out of town this weekend or I would have posted up sooner! Hope you had a really super BDay. Are you and that Grandson of yours gonna hit the boards for the Saturday tourney? Hope to see ya there.
Well I guess i'm late also! :) I was out of town all weekend and away from any computers. Jack, Happy belated Birthday there my friend! :birthday: Glad you had a good day!

Lookin forward to seein ya in another 3 1/2 weeks at PINS!

Take care, and keep that grandson of yours pullin on them fish!
Hey W J........This is post # 200 for me and I can't think of a better way to use it than to wish you Happy Birthday... Belated of course but hope you had a great one with many more to follow.

All the best !

Dr. Krol
Happy Birthday!

Walkin Jack, have a great day and I wish you many more.

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