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Happy Birthday James!!!!!!!!!!

Probably see ya Saturday. Have a great day!

Tom & Lorraine

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Hope it was a wonderful birthday James!!

So sorry I missed you today, but had a lovely visit with your wonderful wife Diane while my truck was broke down in your driveway.. LOL (I think your neighbors really loved me for that)
I thankyou so much for taking care of the meat for me, I really appreciate it more then you can ever know. I hope you had a wonderful day and your wishes came true.:cheers:

:fireworks :birthday2 :fireworks :birthday: :fireworks


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Thanks SOOOO Much

Thank you all for the birthday wishes, I was out on bluewater with an invite from Farmer Jim, and what a good trip that was. I think we put about 80 chicken dolphin in the boat. This was my first trip that I caught dolphin on and it will always be a great memory. Thanks Jim. And Thanks to all my great friends that Diane and I have had the good fortune to meet over the last 2 years.
Thanks to the best people in the world.
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