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Happy Birthday Miss Dixie

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Happy Birthday Wendi, i hope you got the day off from the hair sallon to enjoy a few cold ones. Hope you have a good one.:birthday2 :birthday: :birthday2
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happy b--day

happy burfday gal!!
you sho lookin dang good:birthday: :birthday: :birthday: :birthday: :birthday2 :birthday2 :birthday2 stix
Happy happy birthday Wendi, I hope you have a good day a great week..................later,Dave

when you get back home i will fix you a birthday dinner of your choice. just let me know what you want.

Happy Birthday Wendi

Hope its a good un girl.:birthday2
I hope you had a peaceful one!

Happy,Happy,Happy BD

Hope you have a great day ,
James& Diane
Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy bir....................I can't sing I'm all choked up!
Have a great day Miss Dixie.
HBD Wendi! Hopefully, Darrell will have pics (just kidding). Well, maybe not, lol.
Enjoy your evening....
Happy B-Day Cuz

Daaymnn yer a gettin old....LOL.... Hope you had a great day, I am toasting one in your honor right now....

Luv ya Cuz.....:fireworks :birthday2 :birthday:
Hope you had a goodun!

Happy B' Day Miss Dixie...

I hope you had a great day today. Me and King David (of the Old Testament of the Bible), liked our girls in short-shorts, could you post a pic of you and your boat in.....(you know what I'm talking about!) LMAO!! Happy Birthday cutie!! :wink: CF?
:doowapsta HAPPY BIRTHDAY WENDI!! :doowapsta

hope you had a great birthday~!! hey, when rosie fixes you that dinner....CAN I COME??? LOL

:bounce: :birthday2 :bounce:
Happy Belated Bday Wendi! I hope it was a good one.
Thanks everyone....

I had to "cut hair" for a little while and then picked up my grandmother and headed to my mother's house in Dayton where she cooked me up some fried shrimp and taters...plus my favorite dessert.

Hey Rosie...I sure like those steak fingers and mashed potatoes that you make...lol.

After being in Dallas for five days looking after the 4 year-old niece and helping my sister after her surgery, it was good to get back home.

Will "celebrate" Dixie and BadHabit style hopefully this weekend and knock out a few cold ones.... I'll try and find my Daisy Dukes for ya CF and get Darrell to post a pic for ya!

Thanks again to my wonderful friends on TTMB! You all are the greatest!

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Hope you had a great day! Next burger run is on me.
Miss Dixie,

Hope you had the bestest birthday a gal could ever want to have! AND I HOPE EVERY B-DAY HEREAFTER IS BETTER THAN THE ONE BEFORE! Here's wishin' ya fish on every cast.

Happy Belated Birthing Day, Wendi ... hope ya had a great day!
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