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Happy Birthday MiktheKnife!

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Happy Birthday Honey!


You're getting better with age!

Love you,

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Did you just remember? LOL....sorry I couldn't resist...
Rotten Andrew! Go to your room! I just got out of back to back to back meetings. Some of us still have that j-o-b keeping us busy bug man! LOL.

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Well, we took Mikel out

to Kobe Japanese Steakhouse for dinner tonight and let me tell you - what a blast! The kids had so much fun! I probably would not have taken them there had it not been Mikel's choice for the b-day celebration. If you have young ones at home who have not seen the show those fellows put on, I highly encourage a visit. My children had a blast. The birthday boy was happy too.

Happy B-Day again!

:bounce: :doowapsta :birthday2 :birthday2 :doowapsta :bounce:

hope you had a great birthday mikel! lookin forword to catchin a few of those flatties with you pretty soon :dance:

trudy and jerry
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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