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Now who's the OLD MAN?

Hope you have a good day man, 45 isn't just a good caliber, it's a good age and just think...due to all that clean living, not running around with wild women when you were younger drinking and stuff, riding bulls; you may just live another 45, lol.


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Many Happy Returns

I thought to send you, many endless wishes today,
Simple thoughts that may wish, and surely relay,
That as you age each year, you hair it turns Grey,
But no need to worry, or frown with sad dismay,
These things are not yet, way beyond all repair.
My Birthday Gift for you, bottled dye for Hair,
But with age your teeth, are now no longer there,
And it's only your self, who can buy Dental care.
Happy 45th Birthday to you, today is my thought,
With reminders of the signs that age has brought

LOL Happy Birthday...tilt up some Crown
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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