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happy b-day mont!

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hope you have a great one! too bad you can't spend it on the big blue water 2day. maybe on the surfboard??
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Happy B-Day Mont...dang, we need to have a party! Maybe we'll have a b-day beer at Double Bayou.....
boat_money said:
hope you have a great one! too bad you can't spend it on the big blue water 2day. maybe on the surfboard??
that'd have to be a big surfboard.

HBD Mont
Happy Birthday Mont. I hope you have a good one.

He could always ride the waves on his yak.

Happy B-day!
Happy Bday

Hope you have a well deserved relaxing day.
hope you are not working today just having fun!
Hey, Mont, put on your leather, saddle your hoss, and do some cruisin this evening.

Have a good one!

Happy birthday Mont.
Happy Birthday, Chief. I hope you have a quiet and uneventful day....
Happy Birthday Mont

Have a good'un brudda'!

And many more. Tight Lines and Following Seas, Animal Chris
Congrats Mont. Hope you have a great day and toss back a few just for good measure.
thanks folks! Believe it or not, I took the day off work to give myself a present. My yard kinda got away from me this summer, and I am spending the day detailing it all out and making it look like mine again. I just got done with the front and will be working on the back shortly. I have this thing about staying away from the Gulf anytime a "H" is out there and given how high the tides are, decided a yak trip was out too. So, once I have my back yard looking halfway decent, I am firing the pit up and kicking back. Mom is coming by this afternoon with my Grandmother and it will be kewl to hang with them for a bit. Stacy wants to ride down to Galveston this evening, to check out the waves, so I may leather up for a night ride when she gets home from work (and it cools off some). Probably not the most exciting birthday on record, but doing what you want to do, when you want to do it, is where it's at for me today.

Happy Birthday Brew!
Kick Back and Enjoy

Hope you have a great one.
Have a great day, Mont !!!
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