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I have known Harold for about 20 years and we went fishing together in early November. We were both fishing with tandem rigged bug eyed chickens. We had 3 flounder on the stringer and I told Harold don't throw over there to your right, because you will get hung up. Well Harold stayed away from that spot, but finally, couldn't resist it and threw over there and true to form he got hung up. He tried to get the lures unhung and I tried too, so finally I had to break the line and rerig. For the rest of the day and even on the drive home, Harold kept mumbling "you told me not to throw over there and I did it anyway and lost your lures".

Well a couple of weeks later, I was fishing the same spot by myself, when a guy showed up and started throwing in the exact spot where I told Harold not to throw. Next thing I know the guy is setting his hook and he too is hung up. But he manages to get his line loose. When he reels it in, he says out loud, "Looks like somebody has been fishing with a couple of red and white paddletail lures." The dude had just retreived Harold's rig from a couple of weeks earlier. I walked over to him and took a look at the lures and they were mutilated, one tail gone, one set of eyes gone, and both lures were chewed up badly. I told the dude my story and traded him good lures for the mutilated ones.

Anyway, Harold is off deer hunting in Kentucky and when he returns I have a little something for him.


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