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Thing he has said is SIX weeks before power on at marina
AND No Rent until its back on.
He said nothing about closing it down.
He said nothing about slips being available.
He is very busy and right now alot is going on.
Crane barge blocking some boats and lots of debris. Thick mud all over. Not a good healthy safe place to come if you dont have to.
I will post pics tonight when i get time.
Prayers needed for all of Galveston. It is so unbelievable.
I took MREs to security guys . They are keeping a good eye out for us all at GYB.

There were lots of folks in white bio type suits heading into UTMB. Looks like a major thing going on there.

Any more updates before i leave and i will post up.
Capt Tom

What was I supposed to Member??
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Thank you for the update Capt! Please let me know if you know of any help they, or you need down there.

Take good care,
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