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Left the dock in Sabine Pass at 5:00pm Friday the 30th. ran 10 hrs in nice seas to the Gunnison rig, 167.6 miles or 149 nm, from Sabine Pass. There was not much topwater action, we tried it for 30 min or so, switched to diamond jigs and we had a fish on the second we could get the bait down. The blackfin we the smallest I have ever seen. We only fished for 3 hours until daylight, then trolled the rig, and the other rig 2 miles west, for about 2 hours. We didnt catch anything trolling. We ran in to the flower garden, trolled there for one hour, and nothing. We fished rigs for a quick limit of AJ's, the ran in for a night of snapper fishing. Final count was 2 yellowfin, 1 ling, several types of snapper, several small blackfin, we could have loaded the boat with them.

John D


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Great fish !!!

But I'm not real sure I would post That you fished the Garden!!!!!!

Last I heard it was off limits to Fishing....

May be I'm worng???


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Here ya go. You were ok to fish there.

  • anchoring
    • no anchoring in areas less than 100-feet deep
    • no anchoring in shallow areas if buoy is available
    • must use soft fibre line, not chain to secure anchor
  • dredging, discharging materials, deposits on seafloor, removing shells or coral or other resources life are prohibited
  • fishing
    • spearfishing illegal
    • only hook-and-line fishing is allowed; no long-lines, trawls, or traps
  • preexisting oil and gas leases remain valid; only one within the sanctuary, one mile from the reef and at the edge adjacent to the MMS no-activity area
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