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First things first. The link you posted has a , in it instead of a . and so it won't work as posted... no big deal, but here's the correct link: http://www.thecatfishboat.com/ I took a look at your rates, and I have to tell you that I agree... you don't charge enough when compared to most folks... if you make your customers happy, then your service is truly a bargain.

I don't know either of you (Randy or Josh), but I would respectfully ask you to try to work this out privately, as a continuation of this sort rarely amounts to anything except hard feelings when it's played out in public. Although it is not my business, I do feel it was inappropriate for someone to post, what certainly seem like negative comments about a business they have never dealt with, in a public forum when a phone call probably would have taken care of this right up front. I understand trying to fish on a low budget, but I also respect someone who is trying to make ends meet and I wouldn't presume to ask a guide to cut me a break when his rates are so low to begin with. I also understand the frustration that comes from finding out your business is being detracted from on the Internet, without having any way of knowing about it until a caring friend lets you know... by then, you're a little more than disappointed and it is tempting to let the originator of that message to "Shove it" as Ms. Heinz-Kerry so adeptly put it this week...

If there is anything I can do to mediate your disagreement, please do not hesitate to ask. I'm not in any responsible for what you guys say to one another, but we have a great group of catmen here and I would hate to see something ugly come of this. I would invite you to stay and contribute, as I am sure you will have plenty to add to the forum.

Tom T <><
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