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Growth Chart

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Not too long ago someone on the board was looking for a growth chart for catfish and I was away for a while so I do not know if they ever found what they were looking for. But here is oneI ran across today that is pretty cool since it has all three major species on it.

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Sorry to be away for so long man, but I have been doing a clinical externship in one of the local hospitals that took up 6 hours a day/5 nights a week of my time. And when you add my 'real' job and playing in the new Jeep I haven't had much time to be surfing the web. But my externship ended and I finally get to relax for a bit, take a breath of fresh air and do a little fishing. I got out to a little lake last monday to catch some big bluegills for a fish fry and got into a couple little channels as well. Total count was 74 eating sized bluegills/redears, 3 legal largemouths and 3 channels thrown into the mix (pics coming soon). I'm considering taking a road trip before the summer ends to do some catfishing outside of Kentucky but I haven't decided on where exactly yet, somewhere close. It's good to see most people are still here after the site crashed and the group of members posting has grown since I've been away. Keep up the good work guys. All the pics of nice catches keeps those of us who havent' been able to get on the water lately motivated. Tight lines...

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