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WOW !!What a great charter I had yesterday on the Jammer II with Dr. Harper, Rob, Mark, and his father Rex.

We left Gulf Coast about 7:00 hoping for calm seas and lots of fish, and we got both. Going out it was a bit choppy, not the 1 footers that were predicted, but still able to make about 27 knots. We were headed out about 50 miles to some hard spots and shrimp boats.

Stopped about halfway out at a standpipe, and quickly boated about 8 nice blue runners. The seas gradually calmed and we got to our spot about 9:15, and started snapper fishing. It was spotty, but we got about 2 limits in the boat in about a hour, with a couple of very nice 18-20 inchers. We also hooked one ling that came in about 3 inches short. Man it's hard to throw those guys back. Then the kings started moving in, so I put out a couple of king rigs (basically dead drifting menhaden), and we boated a full limit of kings (8) in about 45 minutes, with some very nice ones in that mix.

We then moved toward a couple of shrimp boats, but ran into a weed line before we could get to them. After checking several spots on the weeds we found the mahi- not a lot but enough to keep everyone active. Rob caught his first mahi, the one in the picture, and it was a beauty. What a fight- up to the boat 3 times and "see ya" , around the boat 2 times, probably 8-10 beautiful jumps, and finally to gaff. That "made his day" as he said.

After the mahi cooled off, we hit a couple of shrimp boats, and nada but remora's- must have released 6-8 of those bloody messes. I was really surprised at the nada, because no one else was out there, so they had not been pounded like on the weekends, but .... We then hit another snapper spot on the way in and finished up our limit with cigar minnows, snapper slappers, and butterfly jigs. They were hitting everything.

It was now time to go home with a limit of snaps, a limit of kings, and 5 mahi. The seas were flat, and we had a 33 knot sleigh ride home, with a couple of the guys sleeping, and some just enjoying the ride with thumbs up.

Back to the dock, cleaned the fish, and sent everyone on their way: Katy, Spring, San Antonio, and Houston.

Total catch:

8 snapper
8 kings
5 mahi


8 undersized snaps
8-10 remoras
1 cobia

All in all a great day with some really great guys.

Check out my new web site THEJAMMERII.COM I am still working on it, but most of it is up and running.



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Nice Mahi there Chip. I was wondering if any boats got caught in the late afternoon thunderstorm that was heading sw. It came roaring through Kemah around 3:00. Nice pics, & glad you're charter was successful.
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