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Wanted to let everyone else know about a great County Park my family happened across this weekend.

We were trying to go to Bay Area Park and then drove around the area to realize ALL the public (and most private) parks were closed due to trees being down and hurricane damage.

Then…we drove over to the Alvin/Pearland area because I wanted to find that catfish pond over there where you can pay to fish. Well we never found that, but happened to stumble across a GREAT public park.

It is located on 35 just North of Alvin. I took 528 over to 35 and turned North by the Ron Carter car dealership. Drive north a few miles (3-5 miles) and look on your left…you will see the pavilions and playground. The entrance is off one of the side streets. It's not hard to find.

Just thought those others with families in my area (Clear Lake, League City, Friendswood, etc…) might like to know where a park is to take the family for a nice outing. They have huge BBQ pits, several (3 or 4) very large pavilions, ducks that are very friendly (bring bread) and a fishing pond with 4-5 fishing platforms for the family. We caught a few fish using VERY small treble hooks and rolled up bread. The phrase "carp on a dough-ball" comes to mind. It was a blast. The playgrounds are all in good shape, and a lot of fun.

So there it is…have fun!!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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